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The keywords can cause a little much of the traffic and the lowest conversions. Additionally, it places the keywords and the phrases in the search engine as the count of 10 and the companies competing for it as thousands. As well as, the waiting period of the first appearance of the link may take several months. For this reason, the positioning services are introduced for the people and so it is highly effective for the people to promote their website in the highly effective way.

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Easing the Burden of Interchange Fees

Running a small business comes with a host of unique challenges. Should it really be that difficult to accept credit card payments from customers? Sadly, for many business owners, the fight over rising interchange fees – the fees that credit card processors charge for each credit card transaction a business makes – is getting tougher. What was a $16 billion industry just seven years ago has turned into a $48 billion racket in 2008. Small business owners are watching their profits dwindle as more and more of their money is spent on interchange fees.

How bad is the problem? Soon, you might find it impossible to fill up your gas tank if you pay with a credit card. Gas station operators are losing money because they must pay an interchange fee on every gallon of gas their customers charge. As the fees increase, profits go down the drain. And with the rising cost of gas, some store owners just can’t afford to pay the interchange fees. In some cases, the fees cost more each month than gas purchases bring in.

Small business owners are caught between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, they cannot completely refuse to take credit card payments if they want to stay competitive. On the other hand, they feel as though they have no power to negotiate the fees. Luckily, Congress has heard about this plight and has decided to step in. There is proposed legislation that will permit the investigation of hidden fees that businesses report as being unfair. While some balk at the idea of the government getting involved, others hope that new rules will ease the pressure on small businesses.

If you own your own business and feel the pinch of high interchange fees, there are some steps you can take. First, look for merchant account providers that offer “Interchange Plus”. This is a straightforward pricing scale that used to be available only to big businesses. Now smaller businesses can take advantage of this simple alternative to the complicated, tier-based pricing structures currently in place. Some businesses save tens of thousands of dollars each year just by participating in an Interest Plus plan.

Another thing you should do is watch out for hidden fees. Avoid contracts that make you pay an interchange fee for declined transactions. Instead, look for a contract that doesn’t require you to pay for unauthorized charges. And ask plenty of detailed questions before you sign that dotted line.

Finally, look for merchant account providers that offer great customer service. When something goes wrong, you want to know that you can call the company and get it straightened out in a timely manner. This might mean ignoring the companies that offer rock-bottom rates. Remember that with customer service, you usually get what you pay for.

Electronic Data Interchange

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the interchange of structured data by agreed message standards, from one computer system to another, by electronic means. It allows electronic exchange of routine business transactions between computers. EDI was first used in transportation industry. The first set of EDI standards were developed by the transportation data coordinating committee (TDCC).

EDI can bring strategic, operational and opportunity benefits to organizations. Strategic benefits brings faster trading cycle, ability to adopt new business processes,ability to win new business and ability to respond to highly competitive new market entrants. Operational benefits brings reduced costs,improved cash flow, security and error reduction and acknowledged receipt. Opportunity benefits brings Enhanced image, competitive edge and improved corporate trading relationships.

A request is placed for analysis process during the initial stage of establishing the EDI message interchange process. Business requirements and technical details are passed on to the EDI analyst for analyzing and designing the EDI specifications. These specifications are used by EDI developers to define and develop EDI message prototypes. EDI testers test the new EDI connection to validate this information.

Once a new connection tested, it’s deployed in the production system. EDI is widely used in manufacturing, shipping, warehousing,utilities, pharmaceuticals, construction, petroleum, food processing, and health care industries. EDI can bring benefits to business’s by improving overall business quality through better record-keeping, fewer errors in data, reduced processing time, less reliance on human interpretation of data, and minimized unproductive time. Reduce order time since EDI allows businesses to process orders much faster etc.

Caps on Debit Card Interchange Rates

You may or may not have been aware of the Dodd-Frank Act that was before congress to address Interchange Fees. Well, just a few days ago, the Federal Reserve announced the final rules for regulating the debit card industry. As it turns out, the Board agreed on a cap of 21 cents per transaction plus.05% of the transaction. That works out to about 23 cents on a typical $38 transaction. Honestly, that’s a pretty good deal for merchants that accept signature debit cards. However, that’s almost double the 12 cent cap and more than triple the 7 cent safe harbor (and effective cap for most transaction volume) alternatives the Board had proposed last December. They also adopted a one cent per transaction kicker later for fraud prevention costs.

So, let’s take a look at this from the merchant’s perspective. Merchant trade associations aren’t real thrilled because large retailers would have gotten a huge windfall-(money they would have kept and not passed on to consumers, of course). It was estimated they would have seen between $17.7 and $20.4 billion over the first two years of the rate reductions. These anticipated savings were based on the proposed caps last December. Now, with the cap being higher than the original proposal, their savings have been slashed to a measly $11.4 billion. What a shame, huh? But hey, we consumers should be thrilled with this because these large retailers will pass on some of their windfall to us in the form of lower prices, right? NOT! So, how are consumers affected by the Dodd-Frank Act? Let’s take a look at the most likely scenario.

Consumers shouldn’t be too anxious to run out to capitalize on all their savings at their favorite retailers because; it’s not likely going to happen. What will likely be the most frequent scenario is that we consumers are going to likely be paying higher fees for our checking accounts, lose free checking and lose card rewards. Where do you think all these perks were coming from in the past? It wasn’t purely from the goodness of all those major banks that provided these attractions. I’ve seen estimates that it could cost consumers up to $22 billion over the next two years, due to the loss of revenue to the banks. At least it’s better than what it would have been had the December lower caps been approved.

Okay, let’s break all this down into laymen terms. I assume that everybody reading this has a debit card in their wallet. Most likely, it is branded with either Visa or MasterCard. Now, this makes this card acceptable anywhere these brands are accepted. Remember in the old days, your debit card was only an ATM card usable at the banks ATM machines which rendered them virtually worthless to retailers. Well, along came Visa and MasterCard and basically told the banks that they could offer them another HUGE revenue stream by branding the cards making them acceptable everywhere. And, when the debit card was used as a “Signature” debit rather than a “pinned” debit, the banks would earn the Interchange Rate. Currently for Visa that is.95% + $.20 and for MasterCard it’s 1.55% + $.15. So, using the above example of a $38 sale, the Visa fees would be $.56 to the merchant and the MasterCard fees would be $.59. These fees would then be paid directly to the card issuing bank.

Now, however, under the Dodd-Frank Act, those fees the bank earns and the retailer pays, have been dramatically reduced as outlined above. And, of course, the retailers pay more than this Interchange Rate on these transactions in the form of their Discount Rate (Interchange is merely a component of the Discount Rate) in which their processor tacks on their profits. Of course, if you, the merchant request your customers to enter their pin number, those transactions have always been routed differently and have typically cost you a bit less then when it is run as a signature debit. I always encouraged merchants to get the pin number on transactions over about $25 for the resulting savings. The savings per transaction are usually no more than a few cents but over the period of a month or years, they really add up. With the passage now of the Dodd-Frank Act, I may be reevaluating my recommendations, but, that’s for a whole new article at some other time. Thanks for reading and I hope this has been of benefit to you.

My name is Michael Saum and I’m a 62 year old semi-retired, merchant services rep. In my current capacity, I write informative, articles relative to the acceptance of credit/debit cards in your business I also offer my comprehensive, FREE, email course, on the subject of credit card processing with NO SOLICITATION or HYPE. You can enroll by visiting the following website:

Interchange Pricing For Merchant Savings

Cost plus or interchange pricing is a pricing method that was generally reserved for merchants who processed a very large volume of credit card transactions. Its transparency allows you to see exactly where your processing dollars are going.

Before I go into what interchange pricing is, I should first define interchange. An easy definition is the amount of a sale that goes back to the credit card issuing bank. Interchange covers the cost to convert a charge on a cardholders card to a cash deposit at the merchant business checking account, including cost factors like credit, billing services, fraud risk and, profit, etc

Interchange plus pricing works much like it sounds. Your transactions are passed through at interchange/cost and your processor adds a fixed markup in the form of a basis point and transaction fee.

Basis Points
A basis point is 1/100th of a percentage point.
For example:
1% = 100 basis points
2 basis points= 0.02%

Transaction Fee
A transaction fee is also referred to as an authorization fee and it’s charged each time a merchant swipes, keys or does an authorization.

Until recently three tier pricing structures dominated the processing landscape. Fierce market competition and unfavorable economic conditions now make it easy for virtually any merchant to qualify for this type of pricing method.

Three tier pricing consists of a qualified, mid qualified and non qualified rate. The reason you want to avoid this pricing method is that many of the transactions that were once considered qualified now bucket into mid and non qualified. The popularity of rewards cards haven’t helped this either. More merchants are using rewards cards to earn cash, gas points, airline miles etc. Reward card transactions will automatically downgrade to mid or non qualified.

Unfortunately, most merchants only pay attention to the qualified rate which has allowed merchant service providers to build expensive margins into their mid and non qualified rates.

How do I get cost plus pricing? Call your current merchant services provider and insist on a detailed interchange rate quote. The internet has made it is easy for merchants to find information and processors who offer this type of rate structure.

Looking at the Total Picture

As the availability of the more transparent and less expensive interchange plus pricing continues to spread, it’s important to remember that there’s more to a great merchant account than one rate.

The tiered model is currently the most widely used form of merchant account pricing. Merchant service providers like this model because merchants focus on getting an account with the lowest qualified rate when most transactions run at the higher mid and non-qualified rate tiers.

It’s an unfortunate side effect of too much sales pressure and not enough unbiased information for businesses. Once you take the time to learn a little bit about credit card processing and how all pricing models are based on interchange, the shortcomings of tiered pricing become readily apparent. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy and most business people don’t know that they’ve got to look beyond what their sales representative is telling them in order to get a fair deal.

The hype surrounding interchange plus pricing is starting to reveal some unsettling parallels to the mislead focus of getting the lowest qualified rate on a tiered account. Just as a low qualified rate doesn’t guarantee an inexpensive merchant account – simply getting an account with interchange plus pricing doesn’t mean that account will be competitive.

There’s a lot that goes into credit card processing, and there are many different ways that service providers can hide expenses. For example, merchant accounts with cancellation fees are often labeled as poor choices. What if an otherwise competitive merchant account was given a cancellation fee as a trade-off for the business getting a free terminal? In an arrangement like this, the merchant service provider would need to protect themselves from the merchant taking the free terminal and cancelling the account a few weeks later.

Another hidden cost may come in the form of annual fees or monthly fees like a statement or customer service fee. A merchant service provider can easily quote a merchant an interchange plus rate at something that looks very competitive, let’s say only 5 basis points above cost, and then turn around and add a $100 annual fee, a $10 monthly statement fee and a $5 customer service fee. These secondary fees would negate any savings from the low interchange mark-up.

One of the most important things to do when you’re looking for a competitive merchant account is to consider the big picture. You need to look at every costs associated with the account that you’re being offered, and avoid being blinded by a single low rate or fee.

This article to help businesses get a cheap merchant account and more helpful information about merchant accounts and interchange plus pricing is available at Merchant Account.

3 Lessons Learned: Offices

How to Find Quality Digital Office Supplies Dealing with the requirements of running a company is a huge task and one that sometimes isn’t learned until there has been some experience. When things need to be accomplished it will come down to figuring out the best way to do it in the environment that you are in. Every different job is unique and requires different things depending on what is going on in the workplace. Almost every corporation has an administrative or human resources department that has to handle most everything related to paperwork and filing different things in the correct area. Purchasing the correct supplies for each job is vital so that employees can do everything efficiently. Office supplies are now even more advanced and useful thanks to innovations in technology that have reached most every industry. There are now much more to choose from in office supplies than paper, scanners, and old-fashioned slow printers because of technology. Most companies now have much more to offer their administrative personnel because they often buy more up-to-date computer systems. Companies now have the option of buying digital office supplies that are used on computers so that workers can be more efficient and timely. Digital office supplies are a huge category that can cover a variety of needs and they make sure to appeal to those needs. A great example of excellent digital office supplies is internet based document management as these can be saved, stored, and accessed through a cloud technology and with simple and elegant ease. Having to draft, update, and save documents is a daily reality for many in the business world and having this type of digital ability is very useful for those that want to use their computers to the best of their ability in this advanced and technologically savvy age. Having the option of using internet-based technology for office needs is a vital one as this enables workers to be more steady, quick, and diligent when it comes to important documents and paperwork that must be processed. It is important to note that there are now other technology-based tools that allow for digital use in offices where computers are becoming the primary tool for handling many aspects of personnel paperwork and requirements. Some companies are offering even more turnkey software options to allow staff to do much more with their computers that they ever thought possible for the good of the employer.
What You Should Know About Offices This Year
The key is to buy digital office supplies that are being offered by companies that are well-known in their industry and that offer the best products for the money being paid. A company can expect to have better results if they buy the best digital office supplies on the market.Getting Down To Basics with Equipment

Things To Do After Getting Associated With A Car Wreck

Automobile crashes take place much more frequently than a lot of motorists feel. The truth is, a large number of car mishaps arise each and every year. A few of these collisions are very modest and thus include practically no traumas or damages. However, a number of mishaps are often very excessive and may also end in thousands of dollars in damages and severe accidental injuries. For anyone who is the operator and owner of a motor vehicle, you ought to be aware about the dos and don’ts after being in a auto accident.

Among the initial things an individual should do once they’ve been in a car crash will be to produce a comprehensive listing of exactly what came about. By not producing the details of the actual automobile accident, in a court of law it’ll simply be your word against whoever else appeared to be included in the unpleasant incident. It is possible to document the particular car accident by simply writing facts down on a piece of paper or maybe using a camera as a way to take images of the wear and tear and also the location of the particular accident. Anyone ought to visit the Champagne Living website for more information.

Besides saving information on the particular crash, you can also need to get some very important details from the particular car owners which have been involved. Trading contact info soon after a new wreck should be carried out irrespective of how significant or insignificant you feel the actual crash was. Although your car or truck is actually performing fine right now doesn’t suggest it failed to sustain some kind of subtle destruction that might result in problems at a later time.

In addition to knowing exactly what to do soon after an accident, knowing what you shouldn’t do after a car accident is equally as critical. As an example, owners regularly make the blunder of automatically boasting that they were responsible for the particular automobile accident. Who or who isn’t responsible for an unpleasant incident could be determined by the law enforcement, the actual insurance carrier and then an attorney at law.

Individuals really should pay close attention to the former strategies in the event that they may be ever in an crash. It’s good to know what to do (and not to do) if you’ve been in a car accident. Again, report the actual crash and eventually exchange personal data with the opposite vehicle operators whom were involved. Furthermore, attempt to avoid doing such things as taking responsibility for the particular incident as well as dismissing the accidental injuries you could have experienced.

Resources Tips for The Average Joe

Five Reasons You Should Hire a Business Telephone Answering Service

Based on statistics, more than 60% of people who are received by an answering machine would not leave a message and simply hang up. If you are busy taking other calls or are not even in the office, you could lose new business if a probable client could not talk to a real person. That’s where telephone answering services come in, and there are solid reasons you should consider them for your business.

Constantly Available

Even if you’re busy with a lot of other clients, your calls can be answered at your daytime business hours, so there will be no missing calls anymore. As for your out-of-hours calls, how many of them do you think might you miss if you had no out-of-hours answering capacity? The era of working Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm is long gone. A lot of companies are amazed to know how many calls they miss when their office has closed.

Cheaper than a Full-time Receptionist

The service is certainly cheaper in comparison to a full-time receptionist. How in particular? If you hire a receptionist, you can spend a lot without getting full value for money, considering they will likely not be productive enough for the entire span of their shift. If you use a telephone answering service, you will only pay for the times they are actually working for you. Therefore, if nobody calls you on a certain day, you pay nothing.

Gives a Professional Image

If you pick a good answering service, your calls will be answered in a professional manner, using your preferred company greeting and any other particular instructions you may have for the answering staff. The caller will never get an idea that their call has been redirected to someone who is not in your office. Reputable telephone answering services can help provide and maintain a professional image for your business.

More Efficient Operations

Phone calls are some of the biggest distractions people in a workplace have to deal with. Constant interruption while you’re working breaks your momentum, and you will end up finishing even the simplest tasks twice as long as you normally could. If your office gets 80 calls a day, that means you will have to take one call every 4 minutes!

Dependable Disaster Recovery Service

Lastly, when everything is in-house, you are virtually at the mercy of your Internet, telephone and power provider. If one of these goes down, and it sure happens from time to time, then you are left hanging because there is no way you can make or any take calls or work on any orders. When you use a telephone answering service, then you know a backup strategy will be available and ready at your disposal. This means you can still take calls while the problem is being fixed. In short, disruption to your business may be kept to a minimum.

Source: http://smallbiztricks.com/small-business-outsourcing/

Why No One Talks About Resources Anymore

Factors to Consider when Looking for Your Business Broker

While selling their businesses, numerous people prefer to use the services of business realtors. While it is possible for you to offer your company without the help of an agent, you most likely do not have the required experience and even time to undertake your company sale. A performance downturn may prevent you from selling your company, and this can occur if you concentrate on many other tasks.

To sell your company at a fair price, you should use the services of a professional team that constitutes of a business broker, attorney and financial expert. Hiring experienced individuals to assist you in the sale of your company, allows you to make sure that your company goes on to perform efficiently.

It is significant for you to involve a business broker because he will provide you guidelines on advertising, prospecting and consultation. additionally, most of the brokers have high skills monetary, operational and regulations issues and hence can successful understand your company and make it appear profitable. Their responsibilities as sale facilitators smoothen the entire process, permitting them to concentrate on the sale whereas you continue running your company.

To identify the right business broker, you should make sure that the agent selling your company represents the interests of your business and those of the buyer’s. Although your broker might be able to sell your business; he should sell at the fairest price. Therefore, in case you do not feel confident with your business broker in your initial meeting, it is important to search for someone else.

Additionally, you should be aware that prosperity of your business sale will be determined by your connection with your broker. During the sale process, ensure that you are straightforward and outright about all the information of your business. Also, you ought to be satisfied that your broker will perform the sale genuinely. This strong two-way connection should be observed from the beginning mainly when you are choosing your broker.

Firstly, your broker ought to ask your target and logic for selling. This is essential for establishing the foundation for a success marketing strategy that the broker will use. In case your business broker rushes through this section, it would be better to search for another broker.

Similarly, potential brokers should try to understand the operations of your company and inquire about your business structure. Also, within the negotiation stage, the brokers ought to be interested in the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Your broker should be known by many people and helpful to his workmates. Also, he should have a good relationship with accountants and law firms.

Source: http://lab.plorez.com/expert-advice-on-how-to-sell-your-business/

What You Should Know About Options This Year

The Best Sprinter Vans for Electricians and Plumbers

At times, the work done by professionals such as electricians as well as plumbers can be a bit difficult and complicated. In their line of work, electricians as well as plumbers need to carry a lot of tools and machinery to be used when working from one place to the next. The best form of vehicle to transport these materials are the Mercedes Benz sprinter vans. By having a huge cargo space in them, these vans are deemed to be suitable for such kind of professionals. It is easy for on to store their equipment here when they are going to work without fear of it filling up easily. In addition to tool, the cargo space can be able to cater for any other goods for the owner.

With these kind of sprinter vans, one is provided with the option of having either gas or diesel engine. Most people prefer to use diesel as it has a great mileage as compared to the rest. One can be bale t o customize their Mercedes Benz sprinter van to their own liking. The interior of these vans are usually so spacious that one can add their own shelves, cabinets as well as containers. By sorting one’s tools and equipment and storing it well, one can easily retrieve them.

Another great feature that Mercedes Benz sprinter vans have to offer is that they have great ceiling height that is usually seven feet tall. This gives a plumber or an electrician space especially when they are busy looking for a tool they have misplaced in the cargo space. This prevents one from having to crawl on the cargo space which at times might be very infuriating and tiresome. This space allows someone to move freely in the cargo space without having to bend or be uncomfortable at all.

While in traffic, these vans can be able to maneuver other cars easily unlike normal utility vans. While on the road, these vans can pass through any narrow space as well as when parking. They are also able to maneuver unwinding roads with a lot of ease. This is very convenient for plumbers as they get called up every now and them even during work by new clients hence making their work very flexible.

The designs of these vehicles is usually magnificent as great craftsmanship is required in their manufacture. These sprinter vans are very efficient to those who use them especially when it comes to the storage space that they provide. While on the road, one is assured of not incurring many repair expenses due to the great design of these vehicles.

Source: http://alltopstartups.com/2016/05/23/challenges-of-becoming-a-florist/